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Tiki Joe Sign (15 inches) Handpainted - Limited Edition

Tiki Shark Art

Tiki Joe Sign (15 inches) Handpainted - Limited Edition

$ 275.00

The Story of TIKI JOE

“Happy Tiki Joe”,  “The Tiki of Happiness” or “Aloha Tiki Joe”.
Created by Low-Brow Hawaii Artist Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker.
TIKI JOE started out as a design for a Hawaiian souvenir. Almost immediately graduated to become the mascot of the first annual Tiki Festival on on the island of HAWAII.
His popularity with tourists almost immediately gained him a cult following on the Islands.
Now Artist Brad Parker takes TIKI JOE to the Big City of Los Angeles as da’ Official Ambassador of ALOHA.
TIKI JOE will make his debut appearance in the world-famous LA LUZ DE JESUS Gallery. He plays a big part of Brad Parker’s show -  “Mean Green Jelly Bean” which opens August 3 – 2018.
For all who dream of the ultimate vacation in the magical Hawaiian Islands, TIKI JOE is a must have to take home as a piece of Paradise.  Follow the adventures of TIKI JOE on Instagram @alohatikijoe and enjoy!