The Tiki and the Pirate - Limited Edition Paper Giclee

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    Limited Edition of 13. 
    Signed and Numbered Museum Quality Paper Giclee. Shipped rolled. 

    Size - 20" x  24" 
    This ART iz a mix of ‘Pirate & Tiki’ genre that I feel is natural n’ due to be explored.
    Promotional art for The Royal Kona Resort's “Shipwreck Sam’s Lagoon Saloon”. The covid distancing overflow from Don's Mai-Tai bar, a sea breezy watering hole I know, and frequent, often. 
    Ocean mist drifts in from the open air ( no walls - all views ) in Don the Beachcomber's only Hawaiian Tiki Lounge overlooking lush Kona bay. This
    pacific ocean filled curl of volcanic rock is home to many overly-dramatic black crabs, curiously languid sea turtles, energetic sharks, plus two rather large pods of spinner dolphins - who use the bay as their day-time, half-sleep twilight-mind swim a-round safe-bay.
    Evenings start here with the best-on-earth Happy-Hour as the tikis turn orange-n'-red while the sky catches fire with the world's favorite sun-sets right on the water each ending with that tropical south seas mystical manifestation of the ‘flash’. The GREEN FLASH, I've seen so many of them, I've stopped thinking they were a local legend and started thinking they were a mystic tourist attraction left behind by the tiki gods, before they disappeared into it, saying "We're out of here an' now you can try ta' find all that buried pirate gold on your own!"
    The drawing shows a plotting pirate with a few Tikis among his treasure haul, one even being a representation of the well known Tsunami-watcher which stands guardian in the Royal Kona Resort's “Don’s Man-Tai Bar”.

    Shipping to U.S.- $15 ; Canada - $20 ; Europe - $30