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Tiki of the Blue Pool - Canvas Giclee - Highlighted One of a Kind

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    Tiki of the Blue Pool - Platinum Edition Giclee - Highlighted One of a Kind

    - Highlighted from the artist’s studio 
    - Embellished, Enhanced, One of a kind!
    28" x 63" stretched and gallery wrapped

    This piece is all about lighting. 
    Just like spring grows out of winter, warm light contrasts with cold light. 
    There is a rule used in painting that claims if you have a WARM light shining on a subject, the shadow that your subject casts will be in COOL shades. So to practice this technique I used a very warm hazy VOGY orange light from above, and an opposite contrasting color in cool turquoise hues coming up from beneath. This creates a pleasing dynamic effect almost popping the subject out in 3-D.

    The inspiration for this piece came from living on an active volcanic island. Often Volcanic fog, or VOG, is pushed by the trade winds from the volcano towards the town of Kailua-Kona. One summer, Kilauea was unusually active and a heavy volcanic mist swept around Mauna Loa creating primordial days, and glowing red sunsets. This effect, combined with the mysterious legend of "fireballs" floating across sacred sites on the island at night, inspired this iconic image.

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