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Tiki Cat Sunglasses
Tiki Cat Sunglasses
Tiki Cat Sunglasses

Brad Parker

Tiki Cat Sunglasses

$ 25.00

Looking for a new pair of sunglasses? Look no further, Tiki Shark's newest addition has just arrived. This product features Brad Parker's Tiki Cat artwork.

Research showed the first art pieces called "kitsch" were made in Munich Germany in the 1860's - 1870's. One of the earliest is a lithograph by Frederick Dielman called "The Widow", it depicts a cat wearing a ruffled collar. The Idea for "Tiki Cat" was born: A cat …wearing an Aloha Shirt, playing the ukulele, standing on Waikiki beach, diamond head in the sunset colored background.

Tiki Cat - Canvas Giclee
30" x 22" - $1,290 

Tiki Cat - Paper Giclee
16" x 20" - $120

Tiki Cat - Mini Canvas Giclee
8" x 12" - $395