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Tiger Shark Surfing - Skate Deck - Limited Treasure
Tiger Shark Surfing - Skate Deck - Limited Treasure
Tiger Shark Surfing - Skate Deck - Limited Treasure

Brad Parker

Tiger Shark Surfing - Skate Deck - Limited Treasure

$ 170.00

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Limited edition skateboard with artwork created by artist, Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker. The artwork is sublimation printed and heat press transferred for sharp vivid colors. The board will look as good on the street as it does on the wall. 

The board is 32”x8.5” made of 7 layers of Canadian Maple.

Original - Acrylic on canvas
Printed on Skate Deck
Artist’s notes:
I was inspired to paint this by an incident that happened a few summers back. That’s when the beaches around Kailua-Kona were being closed due to sightings of a very large and aggressive tiger shark. This shark was big. It was either 10 feet long, or 15 feet, maybe even 17 feet long, depending on who was telling you about it. One weekend, my best friend wanted to drive way up north to the beach at one of the big swanky hotels. We did, but when we got there the beach was closed because they had two sightings of the big tiger shark. Depressed, we got back in the car and started to drive south. Another beach came up in one mile. My friend smirked at me and turned the car onto the dirt road leading to the beach. To our amazement, the local beach was open! What? So, did the giant tiger shark only hang out at the beaches attached to the big swanky resorts while it ignored the rustic local beaches? We got up enough courage to go into the water… about knee deep. “Look at me! I’m in the water with a giant tiger shark!” After that I went home and painted this piece.