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The Wanderer - Mini Canvas Giclee

Brad Parker

The Wanderer - Mini Canvas Giclee

$ 395.00

This painting the 16th "Mystic Tiki Painting" I created. It is my "Hawaiianna" take on a classical painting. "Der Wanderer uber den Nedlmeer" or "Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog" was painted in 1818 by German romantic artist Casper David Fridrich. The meaning conveyed in that famous painting is self-reflection as the man stands atop a mountain and looks down into an ocean of clouds. 

I changed the hiker into a surfer watching the ocean waves. Reflection on his inner self, or his urging his mastery over the powerful sea? I placed a Tiki image in the sky and many ancient idols beneath the traveler's feet. This could mean there is a supernatural element to his journey, inward, and outward. 

Most surfers I know have a keen, almost spiritual attachment to the sea. However, I try to leave conception of the art to the individual viewer as each person should give the art their own personal meaning.

Mini Canvas Giclee's are signed, numbered and gallery wrapped. All giclee's are Brad Parker Limited Editions of 100.

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