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The Mummy's Mai Tai - Original Sketch
The Mummy's Mai Tai - Original Sketch
The Mummy's Mai Tai - Original Sketch

Brad Parker

The Mummy's Mai Tai - Original Sketch

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***Sale of this Original Pencil Study, "The Mummy's Mai Tai", is a PRE-RELEASE to the Original Acrylic on Canvas, which is the NEWEST Addition to the series "Monsters on Vacation" by Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker! Only one available!!!***

“The Mummy’s Mai-Tai” Original Pencil On Heavy Paper – Custom Framed
Pencil / graphite & white acrylic paint on heavy rag paper. Custom Framed.
Art area -11 1/4” x 8”
Frame - 16” x 13”
Torn from the sketch book – Original Pencil & Graphite on Paper Study for my Original Painting: “The Mummy’s Mai-Tai” (Original on Canvas will be released shortly)
Following the first four classic monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Werewolf, and The Kreature, The Mummy's Mai Tai is the design of monster number five (5) for the ongoing series, “Monsters on Vacation”. I placed the low-brow spot-light of this character-driven painting based on the mummified Egyptian high priest, Im-Ho-Tep, as portrayed by Boris Karloff in 1933. The Mummy reflects the Universal horror films that so heavily influenced my childhood, and continue to be part of my art today.
As a small boy, I watched the black & white creature-features every weekend in gleeful terror. I remember Karloff was buried alive for 3700 years, 'til the tomb was opened, seal broken, and the mummy came to life to fulfill its dreadful mission.  I also remember the Midway at the Nebraska State Fair an’ trying to win these silly-looking inflatable monsters. I had them all in one form or another.
As a kid, my room looked like a miniature Madame Tussaud's wax museum Chamber of Horrors. With these paintings I suppose I’m still perfecting my own ultimate collection of monsters.
Artist ~ Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker