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Turquoise blue
Bone with red highlights
Turquoise purple

Design approved! Mould approved! Glaze approved! Mug in production! 

- Open Edition

- Capacity/Size - Extra Large 24 fluid oz / 7.5” tall X 3" wide.
- Color - Bone with red highlights, Highlighted turquoise, Highlighted purple

The Fourth Meso-American designed Tiki Mug (#4)

Continuing their artistic study into Meso-American culture & mythology Jacob Arthur Medina & Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker bring to you their fourth creation – Son of Kaan – Tiki Mug

Meticulously designed by both artists to keep the artistic integrity of the Meso-American series.  Make space for one more Mug on your shelf next to your other "Mayan • Hawaiian" Tiki Mugs!  This one is a beauty and a “must have!!” 

Shipping end of September 2023

Shipping to U.S: $15 |  Shipping to Canada: $35  |  Shipping to Europe/Australia: $65