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Moon of Manakoora - Paper Giclee

Brad Parker

Moon of Manakoora - Paper Giclee

$ 120.00

The Moon of Manakoora is a painting named after a song from the famous 1937 film; "The Hurricane". The song is sung by Dorthy Lamour.  The movie was the first one ever shot on location in the South-Seas. It's a tale of Star-Crossed lovers, plus a monster hurricane which wipes the island of "Manakoora" off the face of the big blue Pacific Ocean. 

"Manakoora" is roughly translated to mean "Magical Knowledge"; "Mana" meaning "magical or spiritual power" and "Kuu-rah" meaning "Lore" or "Body of Knowledge". Upshot is the moon has magical powers, and you can ask it to make your true love come to you. 

Like Dorthy Lamour sings:
"The Moon of Manakoora filled night,
with magic Polynesian charms.
The moon of Manakoora came in sight,
and brought you to my eager arms."