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Moon of Manakoora - Mini Canvas Giclee

Brad Parker

Moon of Manakoora - Mini Canvas Giclee

$ 395.00 $ 315.00

The Moon of Manakoora is a painting named after a song from the famous 1937 film; "The Hurricane". The song is sung by Dorthy Lamour.  The movie was the first one ever shot on location in the South-Seas. It's a tale of Star-Crossed lovers, plus a monster hurricane which wipes the island of "Manakoora" off the face of the big blue Pacific Ocean. 

"Manakoora" is roughly translated to mean "Magical Knowledge"; "Mana" meaning "magical or spiritual power" and "Kuu-rah" meaning "Lore" or "Body of Knowledge". Upshot is the moon has magical powers, and you can ask it to make your true love come to you. 

Like Dorthy Lamour sings:
"The Moon of Manakoora filled night,
with magic Polynesian charms.
The moon of Manakoora came in sight,
and brought you to my eager arms."

Mini Canvas Giclee's are signed, numbered and gallery wrapped. All giclee's are Brad Parker Limited Editions of 100.

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