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Moon of Manakoora - Mini Canvas Giclee

Brad Parker

Moon of Manakoora - Mini Canvas Giclee

$ 395.00


Mini Canvas Giclee's are signed, numbered and gallery wrapped. All giclee's are Brad Parker Limited Editions of 100.

Other Sizes
Moon of Manakoora - Paper Giclee
16" x 20" - $120

Moon of Manakoora - Canvas Giclee
24" x 30" - $1195

Towel featuring the painting "The Moon of Manakoora".
"The Moon of Manakoora" is a romantic mix of a pop-culture movie, a vintage love song, a full-moon rave I used to attend on the Big Island, and TIKI culture. All wrapped up with some modern day graphic design and laid out as a swanky beach towel. 
Highlights are:
• The 1937 film “The Hurricane” where Dorothy Lamour croons the love-song "The Moon of Manakoorah" to her star-crossed Polynesian lover… just before a massive tropical storm wipes the “Island of Manakoorah” off the face of the Pacific forever! 
• The painting shows my own Big Island Full-Moon party experiences, my inebriated memories of full-moon raves on the beach, and local myths & legends.
• All covered with a twilight VOG (Volcanic Fog) of the