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Kaan Took Tiki Mug - Bone
Kaan Took Tiki Mug - Bone
Kaan Took Tiki Mug - Bone
Kaan Took Tiki Mug - Bone
Kaan Took Tiki Mug - Bone

Brad Parker

Kaan Took Tiki Mug - Bone

$ 50.00

PRE-ORDER - Ships end of August 2019.
SOLD OUT in Signed/Numbered
OPEN Edition available by August for PRE-Order!
$15 ship (US)
  • First 100 Kaan Took Mugs are Signed/Numbered by Brad Parker & Jacob Medina.
  • 50 Blue & 50 Bone
  • Museum Quality Tiki Mug
  • Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.


(Snake King)

Kaan Took was the title of a ruler, or a position of power in the ruling class of the ancient Mayan empire.

The ancient Mayan Empire of Meso-America had many important mythological animal deities. One of the most powerful animal spirits was the snake.

“Meso-Ameri-Kaan” translates roughly to “Land of Snakes”.

Kaan Took: “Kaan” meaning “Snake” & “Took” meaning “King”.

Kaan Took = “Snake King”.

The King of Snakes.

Designed with Aloha on the Island of Hawaii by renowned Lowbrow Artist Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker and Big Island Tiki Artist, Jacob Medina!
LIMITED EDITION - Signed and numbered by the Artists themselves. These 100 pieces are available for PRE-Order. All Orders ship end of August!
COLOR  – Bone (brown w/ red)
CAPACITY / SIZE  - Extra Large 22 fluid oz 
7.5" tall X 3" wide
Open Edition (not signed) will be available later in the year.