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Jungle Witch - PLATINUM Edition Canvas Giclee

Brad Parker

Jungle Witch - PLATINUM Edition Canvas Giclee

$ 2,950.00


Jungle Witch

Platinum Edition Canvas Giclee

Size: 38" x 47.5" 

FREE Shipping to U.S.      Shipping to Canada: $30

I'm very influenced by Music. My painting "Jungle Witch" is named after a neo-exotica song with the same name performed by "Clouseaux" from their album "Beyond Good and Evil". The tune is a slow build of soft exotica raising to hot jazz, ending with a blazing electric guitar. A mysterious & exotic composition that moved me to "create". 

Jungle Witch represents transformation. Land to Ocean. Night to Day. Cool colors to warm colors. A taste of Lovecraftian transmogrification as a Gothic styled wahine changes into a sea-creature. 

In her hands Jungle Witch transforms an ancient tiki( this one based on a real TIKI that was found buried in the mud on Maui and now resides in the British Museum - it was possibly a discarded temple post )- the old Tiki becomes the modern day "Tiki-Mug".  Old world gods of creation become the modern day gods of recreation.

In the background, we see hints not of Hawaii but of Rapa Nui ( Easter Island ). A few large Moai ( Stone Heads ) as well as one of my favorite of all Tikis; the long-eared Tiki found only in one place on earth; an extinct volcanic crater on Rapa Nui. I painted him ready to go surfing but his exact meaning is lost to the ages, like much of the mysterious history of Rapa Nui - that most mysterious & exotic island.