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ONE OF A KIND - right off the shelf of my “Mug Collection”.
The Jaguar Warrior is the second mug in the Meso-American/ Hawaiian series - an on going collection of tiki mug designs created by me & fellow Big Island artist Jacob Medina. This particular mug design was a unique looking scheme that pushed past the regular tiki-mug level of visuals and reached into the realm of real Lowbrow, counter-culture, underground comic book art style. An wonderful example of lowbrow absurdity & pop-tiki-culture from the Big Island of Hawaii. This mug sold at a rapid rate and quickly we sold out.
However, I kept a handful to paint. 
Over a year later, this became a “quarantine lock-down project” I did during 2020. I design my tiki mugs as if they were the “monster models” I so loved in my youth. Naturally I longed to give the Jaguar Warrior an elaborate paint job & turn it into a rare collector's item & ‘a must have’ for those who crave unique & original tiki art objects. 
This mug was knocked around awhile back & it developed a few cracks, so I pulled it out of the roster of sale items. I revitalized it & placed this strangely appealing piece into my private mug collection. There it has sat for over a year. 
Now, though, it’s time for it to leave my art studio and find it’s place in a new home. You see, I have a couple of these wonderful Jaguar Warrior mugs already (plus I need more shelf space!).
This item comes complete with a Signed Box & a “Certificate of Authenticity”
Minimum Bid - $250 + $25 for Shipping and Insurance to U.S
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