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Forbidden Hawaii

Brad Parker

Forbidden Hawaii

$ 225.00

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Remarqued Original Tiki Art!

Forbidden Hawaii
• Pencil, ink, and acrylic paint on paper.
• 8” x 11” - unframed, 
• Certificate of Authenticity included.
Forbidden Hawaii is a design developed from my best selling painting: “Forbidden Island”. 
It develops the figures of the Tiki carrying the cock-tail dress wearing girl one step further. 
This pair reflects Robby the Robot carrying Anne Francis from the movie posters of the 1956 classic science-fiction film, “Forbidden Planet”. This is 1 of the films that gave my childhood a surreal sense of affection for Science Fiction, Invisible space monsters, Anne Francis, and Robots - especially Robby. I’ve revisited this image a few times, but this detailed drawing is unique as it explores a possible souvenir figurine.