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Faster Than Disaster - Canvas Giclee

Brad Parker

Faster Than Disaster - Canvas Giclee

$ 1,195.00

All large Canvas Giclees are shipped rolled. For stretched canvas please contact for shipping information and pricing. Mahalo!
“Faster than Disaster”
Acrylic on canvas 
Printed on Canvas Giclee
Artist’s Notes:
Faster than Disaster
A man came up to me at an art show on Maui and said he wanted to show me pictures of his baby. I thought I was going to see baby pictures, but they were photos of his hot rod. He’d built it from the ground up. I knew I had to paint it, and it became “Faster Than Disaster”. Unfortunately, every time I go over to Maui he has taken it apart again and I’ve yet to ride in it. 
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Faster Than Disaster - Paper Giclee
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