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Ka Koa Drawing - Original Sketch
Ka Koa Drawing - Original Sketch
Ka Koa Drawing - Original Sketch

Brad Parker

Ka Koa Drawing - Original Sketch

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"Ka-Koa and the Talking Spear"

Original sketch by Brad "Tiki-Shark" Parker



This drawing was inspired by the Hawaiian Myth of The Magic Talking Spear. 

“Myth of The Magic Talking Spear” 
The Magic Spear talks to who’s wielding it, telling them how to win in battle. Prince Ka-ui-lani uses the spear to defeat a notorious sea-kupua (sea monster). The prince wins by carving several wooden Hawaiian soldiers which the spear brings to life. Together they beat the monster and save his father's village. 

I came across the Hawaiian word “Ka-koa” meaning “soldiers”. However "koa" is a type of tree or wood. I wondered if there was a connection to the myth’s wooden warriors. Koa is a certain type of tree that grows only in Hawaii. It's the most abundant native tree in Hawai’i and Koa wood is prized for its deep luster. 
Ka-Koa means "soldiers". How is Koa wood connected to these carved soldiers? 
Could it be many Hawaiian warriors/soldiers standing together resemble a strong grove of sturdy trees? 
Is the myth of “The Magic Talking Spear” the connection of the word for “Koa tree” to the word for Ka-koa (warriors). 
All these answers are lost in time and are mysteries to ponder.