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Kaan Took Tiki Mug Set

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Kaan Took Tiki Mug Set - Bone and Blue

Signed from Forbidden Island 14th Annual Parking Lot Sale
Last Set Remaining up for grabs
A “must have” for all collectors

Extra Large holds - 22 Fluid Oz
7.5" Tall x 3" Wide

Kaan Took was the title of a ruler, or a position of power in the ruling class of the ancient Mayan empire.

The ancient Mayan Empire of Meso-America had many important mythological animal deities. One of the most powerful animal spirits was the snake.

“Meso-Ameri-Kaan” translates roughly to “Land of Snakes”.

Kaan Took: “Kaan” meaning “Snake” & “Took” meaning “King”.

Kaan Took = “Snake King”.

The King of Snakes.


Only 1 Set available

Shipping to USA - $50