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Tiki Dog - Mini Canvas Giclee

Brad Parker

Tiki Dog - Mini Canvas Giclee

$ 395.00

Tiki Dog

• Original - acrylic on canvas, 24” x 30”
  Mini Print - giclee on canvas, 11” x 14”
• Certificate of Authenticity included.
“Tiki Dog” (2018) was part of “Mean Green Jelly Bean” my L.A. one-man art show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery.
Years earlier, I painted what I wanted to be my ultimate “Kitsch” painting. Kitsch is art that appeals to popular rather than high art tastes. Researching, I discovered the first art to be named “Kitsch” was a late 19th century portrait of a cat wearing a ruffled collar.
Thus, I painted “Tiki Cat”: a tiki cultured feline. This piece has consistently been one of my best selling art-prints since it’s creation.
I always wanted it to be part of a set. However, I couldn’t find a dog that seemed “Tiki-Cat’s” proper other-half. I even started and stopped a canvas but abandoned it as “just not right”.
One day, I noticed a friend’s Pug’ dog. It’s head was like the large square head I had on Tiki Cat. It’s big wet eyes were perfect matches to the cat’s enormous orbs. Finally I had found Tiki-Cat’s other half.
I saw these two figures as low-brow Hawaiiana reflections of the set of renaissance paintings; “Pinky” & “Blue-boy”. This pair of famous paintings depicted a young woman in pink, and a young man in blue. They had been reproduced in the thousands and sold as prints in grocery stores in the mid-west when I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. 
At last, my Tiki-Shark cartoon-realism statement was complete. This delightful pair of a Tiki-Cultured cat & dog could grace home tiki bars across the globe. BP

Mini Canvas Giclee's are signed, numbered and gallery wrapped. All giclee's are Brad Parker Limited Editions of 100.