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Beyond The Reef Luggage Tag - FREE SHIPPING

Brad Parker

Beyond The Reef Luggage Tag - FREE SHIPPING

$ 14.00

  • 2.75" wide
  • Superior Quality Leatherette Luggage Tag with Sturdy Navy Blue Strap
  • 2.75 x 4.5-Inches in Size
  • Clear window with enclosed contact card covered by flap on the back
  • Colored back for easy recognition of your bag
  • “Beyond the Reef” is my tribute to a vintage song from 1948. The tune gained popularity during the mid-century American Hawaii-craze and was recored by every-one from Bing Crosby, Vic Damone, The Ventures, to Andy Williams, and even Elvis  (the King) Presley. This haunting song remains a standard in today’s neo-hawaiianna tiki-culture.
    I added in remembered sights of “cursed treasure” from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

    “Beyond the Reef” -The hunting lyrics:
    Beyond the Reef, where the sea is dark and cold.
    My love has gone, and my dreams grow old.
    There’ll be no tears, there’ll be no regretting.
    Will she remember me, will she forget?
    I’ll send a thousand flowers, When the Trade Winds blow.
    I’ll send my Lonely Heart, For I love her so.
    Someday I know, She’ll come back again to me.
    Till then my heart will be… BEYOND THE REEF.