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Exotic Traveler - Canvas Giclee

Brad Parker

Exotic Traveler - Canvas Giclee

$ 1,495.00


For stretched canvas please contact for shipping & stretching information and pricing.  Mahalo!

30" x 24" Canvas Giclee

The Exotic Traveler was painted for a specific reason, I was asked to paint something for the cover of "Tiki Magazine". This was a very big deal for me! I wanted to show a classic looking Tiki. I wanted it to vein a very classic "Hawaiiana" setting a beautiful night scene of a secluded beach, a perfect wave, with a small enchanted tiki hut on a beach in the background. I carefully placed in exotic orchids to frame the foreground.

Then, I wanted a touch of the fantastic; I wanted to show something about local superstitions we have on the Big Island of Hawaii about spirit-balls glowing in the jungle. A few dance around the hut, then one rises up out of the sand right in front of the TIKI. What is it? Good question! As the title suggests maybe it's a visitor from far away enjoying the beauty of Hawaii, an inter-dimensional tourist? Maybe a dear departed loved on watching over family? Or maybe just a trick of the light and the glowing lights you sometimes see in the jungle at night are nothing at all. These questions are best answered by the viewer. 

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