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Hawaii Luxury Art Print - Beach Towel

Brad Parker

Hawaii Luxury Art Print - Beach Towel

$ 40.00 $ 33.00

LUXURY HAWAII-ANNA Art Printed Beach Towel 
• Sensational soft micro-fiber and trendy functional art! 
• These marvelous towels are so beautiful, they're suitable for framing & displaying in your home Tiki Bar! 
• Delight in their supple-soft-cotton & micro-fiber embrace after every shower. They're also splendid as bath sheets. 
• Make a swanky-splash with the hipster set at the beach or pool side wet bar. 
• Printed with Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker’s sought-after ’Tiki-Culture Art’ images.  
• They’re absorbent, lightweight! 

• Treat your self with a gift of relaxation from the TIKI GODS of trendy Art and fashion.

Material: Cotton Micro-Fiber

Size: 30 x 60 inches